The Oulu mining School is active in organizing conferences and meetings in collaboration with many national and international stakeholders.

Oulu Mining Summit 2022 Webinar

14-15 September 2022, Oulu, Finland

Oulu Mining Summit aims to build up a platform for mining companies, universities, research institutes, consulting companies and other mining-related enterprises. The summit is (1) to disseminate updated science and technology covering the whole chain from geology and geophysics to mining engineering and mineral processing, (2) to present successful examples from mining or mining-related industry, (3) to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas, and (4) to discuss the challenges in current mining and mining related fields.  The Summit is held by Oulu Mining School together with Business Oulu. The first Summit was on Mineral Processing in 2016.

3rd International PalaeoArc Conference

23-26 August 2022, Rovaniemi, Finland

The 3rd PalaeoArc Conference will be organized in Rovaniemi, northern Finland on 23-26 August 2022. It will gather together Quaternary geologists and researchers who are interested in past environmental processes and changes in the Arctic to understand the present and future development in the Northern Hemisphere. As a research network, PalaeoArc strives to bring together and build bridges between scientists from different countries and career stages, and from different disciplines in Arctic science.

This international conference is an annual meeting of the research network. This year conference will be organized in the Arktikum house in the centre of Rovaniemi town, and it includes technical sessions for oral and poster presentation on 23rd and 25-26th August. In addition, there is one-day middle-conference’s excursion on 25th Aug in Rovaniemi and its surrounding areas. Furthermore, there will be a pre-Field course for students (PhD students are prioritized) from Rovaniemi to the south-west, Tervola-Tornio area. Participation fees can be found from the Registration pages as well as the instructions for the abstract formulation and submission.

PalaeoArc is an international network research programme. The scientific goal of this six-year programme is to understand and explain the climatically-induced environmental changes in the Arctic that have taken place throughout the Quaternary and continue in the present-day. There are four major themes to the programme: 1) the dynamics of Arctic ice sheets, ice shelves and glaciers; 2) the dynamics of high latitude oceans and sea ice; 3) the dynamics of the terrestrial environment and landscape evolution; and 4), the climatic response to, and interaction between, these different parts of the Arctic system. A further underlying rationale for PalaeoArc is that knowledge of past environmental processes and change in the Arctic are key to understanding the present and future of the Arctic, and vice versa.

Important deadlines:
-Abstract submission deadline 8th July
-Final day for registration 31st July
-Conference begins 23rd August
-Pre-field course starts at 21st August

The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to July 17th

Organisers offer possibility to submit manuscript based on abstracts/presentations in the conference to the Special volume of the Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland. Deadline is on 24th October 2022.

More information about the conference and venue can be seen from the invitation presentation behind the link below.

Conference Invitation and Programme


6th Finnish National Colloquium of Geosciences

27-29 October 2021, Oulu, Finland

Time and place: 27th-29th October 2021, Saalasti Hall, University of Oulu

The 6th Finnish National Colloquium of Geosciences is taking place at the University of Oulu, hosted by the Oulu Mining School in co-operation with Finnish universities and the Geological Society of Finland. This year the colloquium will be organized as a hybrid event (virtually and onsite).

The colloquium provides opportunity particularly for young professionals (MSc, PhD, Post-doc) to present their current topics and results of their scientific research. Also, contributions from doctoral and advanced master students are encouraged for their thesis projects. All fields of geosciences will be covered from economic and bedrock geology, geochemistry, geophysics to environmental geology. Senior scientists are welcome to introduce new research themes and research methods as well as several key-note talks will be included to cover several topical issues. Both oral and poster presentations are accepted.

The abstract and presentation language will be English. Oral presentations are 15 minutes, and the maximum size of posters is A0. The participation to the colloquium is free including ice breaking event.

The abstracts will be published in Special Publication of the Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland. The maximum abstract length is one page, and the maximum number of words is 600 including the title, authors’ information and references. No figures or tables should be included. Detailed Instructions for preparation of the abstracts is provided by the contact persons when needed. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 24th September 2021. The final deadline for the registration is 15th October 2021.

The abstract book is published under the Bulletin, as a separate line of volumes entitled the Proceedings of the Geological Society of Finland.

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