Coronavirus and new practices

We are continuously updating this page with information about the coronavirus and the University of Oulu's guidelines.

Coronavirus – current issues

Updated on 2.6.2023

Teaching at the University of Oulu has no corona restrictions. The studies are organized as contact teaching, distance learning, multimodal teaching and hybrid teaching. The decision on the teaching method is made by the teacher in charge of the course, who also informs the students about it. Students can also study on campuses independently.

University of Oulu combines multi-location and telework.

We follow the coronavirus situation and the recommendations and instructions of the authorities in operation all the time.

You can prevent the spread of coronavirus by your own actions

  • Take corona vaccinations.
  • It is not allowed to enter the campuses if you are ill. If you get symptoms, stay at home and see the instructions of the City of Oulu or your home municipality.
  • Maintain good hand hygiene.
  • The use of mask is no longer necessary on the university premises but you can still use mask at your discretion.

For more detailed instructions for staff regarding for example arrangements of working and teaching, please refer to the intranet Patio (log-in required).

Coronavirus instructions by topic

More information

Media: Communications director Marja Jokinen,

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