Donate Your Data

This is a TEST PAGE for individual persons to give consent and to donate their data for ongoing research. The page has details and information about the ongoing research that is available for data donation. However, the page does not include all research that is ongoing at the University of Oulu. Instead, it collects basic information about data donation in research and directs interested people to a point where they can consent and participate in data donation of a specific research.
Donate your data.

Consent and Data Donation

This TEST PAGE is for individual persons to find out the details and needed information about consent giving and data donation for research. The page has a list and info about ongoing data donation research. This page does not necessarily include all the ongoing research that has a data donation available, and this is due to the willingness of a researcher or due to the resourcing.

The Data Donation is based on the personal consent of an individual. The data is donated only for the well-defined purpose of research, and personal consent is always needed for each research separately. This means that there is no generic consent option for all research, instead, each of the research needs to be separately consented by the research participants.

The page includes the main information of the ongoing research with some information about how to access the details and responsible persons of the research. There is also the main purpose and information of the donated data and how the data is managed and handled in the specific research.

Research programs

Research Open for Data Donation

You are able to see a list of the research which are open at the moment for data donation. You can get more information on specific research by opening it from a plus button ("+") next to it. You can browse the research program list, and select the research that you want to consent to and donate your data for it.


More information and descriptions of legislations that affect the usage of health data can be found from page Legislation concerning health data.

Data Protection Officer:

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