Oulu University Day - Oulun korkeakoulupäivä

Welcome to the Oulun korkeakoulupäivä event, Oulu University Day, in Ouluhalli on Wednesday 3rd of November 2021!

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Ouluhalli, Ouluhallintie 20, Oulu

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Are you interested in studying a master's programme at the University of Oulu?

Oulun korkeakoulupäivä, Oulu University Day, is an open doors event to learn about different study options available at the University of Oulu in the next joint admissions 2022.

Come and get acquainted with the international master's programmes offered by the University of Oulu.  

You can find all the international master's programmes under booth number 9, see the map below. We have a group of international master students sharing their study experience with you and helping you to choose your study path.  

University of Oulu is organizing the event together with Oulu University of Applied Sciences. 

Arriving to Ouluhalli, reception and services

There are two entrances to the event, on both sides of Ouluhalli, see the map below. 

We recommend using the public transport or arriving by bike. There are several bus stops within a short distance from Ouluhalli, see the schedule and find your route. Ouluhalli's parking area is in use, but we expect many charter buses to this area. 

You can find an info desk at the main lobby. Feel free to ask for advice. The event is free of charge.

The event area has a small kiosk that sells beverages and snacks. Pre-registered school groups will have their lunch served at the event area.

First-aid is available, the service point is marked with a red cross in the map. 

Please wear a mask

We recommend wearing a face mask and using hand sanitizer while visiting the event. We are expecting over 5 000 visitors. Regional pandemic-related restrictions apply. 

Oulun korkeakoulupäivä, Oulu University Day's event area in Ouluhalli.

1. Info desk

9. International Master's programmes booth

Last updated: 25.10.2021