How to start with studying Finance at the University of Oulu?

In autumn 2020, I began my studies at the University of Oulu with some basic knowledge about Finance and humble experiences in this field. In this blog, I will share my personal experience and tips to get started in studying Finance.
In this blog, I will share my personal experience and tips to get started studying Finance.

Tips for studying Finance at the University of Oulu

There are varieties of main topics in Finance such as Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Banking and Investments, Risk Management, Portfolio Management, and Climate Finance. At first, things were more challenging because of the COVID-19 pandemic and lots of new knowledge at once. However, after one year, I feel more confident. Here are my tips for studying Finance at the University of Oulu.

Invest enough time for your Personal Study Plan (PSP)

The University of Oulu has offered many compulsory and optional courses in Finance studies. I think it’s important to spend at least one week before each period to glance at course contents and materials. I ask for advice from friends who attended these courses before because it’s super helpful for me to see which courses are suitable for my goals. Don’t forget that your programme coordinator will also be very supportive in building your PSP!

Take notes in lectures

Lectures are indeed important, and it’s the best time to raise questions to lecturers and take notes. Even though you can access all course materials on Moodle, taking notes during lectures is still essential. It helps to turn knowledge into your own words and make your brain memorize more efficiently. In the end, these notes also help me a lot with reviewing and studying for exams.

Don’t be shy to make friends and build connections!

During my studies at the University of Oulu, students are required to work in groups a lot. It’s necessary to be active and make friends. Please don’t be shy to show them why you are worth joining their groups! Usually, after each group work, I request to connect with my teammates on LinkedIn. Thanks to this, we can keep our connections through courses and get a more expansive network gradually.

You’ll be surprised how helpful it is to stay in touch with your fellow students for your future career, especially for finding jobs in Finland.

Follow experts, be curious and enjoy!

In Finance, it’s so important to update your knowledge and follow financial news continuously. There are so many geniuses and experts that I admire in this field. However, I only follow some of them whose mindsets inspire and motivate me in my Finance career. Besides, as long as I am still curious about Finance, I know that this is the right career path for me.

I am also substantially grateful to professors and lecturers at the University of Oulu for supporting me during this pandemic. My questions are always welcome, and I enjoy my studies here. The most important thing is that I am making positive progress in Finance.

About the author

Ngoc Nguyen Lukinmaa from Vietnam, studying Finance master’s programme at the University of Oulu. She introduces herself as “a small woman with a great ambition”.