Basics in eHealth

5 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2022-2023, 041201A
The student can define central information and communication technology (ICT) terms and solutions in healthcare and evaluate its societal and economic significance as well as view of future. The course is web-based and can be completed according to participant’s own timetable.


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Terms and concepts:

-          societal dimensions

-          delivery of health services

-          electronic patient records

-          data transfer within the health care system

-          data transfer between the health care professionals and the citizens

-          citizens providing their own health data, mHealth-solutions

-          national healthcare information exchange in Finland

-          remote consultations, examples like teleradiology, telepsychiatry,

-          economical and functional assessment

-          remote education in health care

-          future visions of health care information systems

-          changing current topics in connected health like artificial Intelligence,
           knowledge based medicine, cybersecurity etc according to availability

-         Most presented examples in the course are based on information system
           installations in Northern Finland.



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Continuous learning
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Academic Year 2022-2023

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Medicine, dental and pharmacy
Health and welfare



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University of Oulu



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