Data models and methods, module 1

3 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2022-2023, NB00AF27
This free online course introduces the basics and use of machine learning methods for biomedical data.
The course is meant for everyone interested in the application of machine learning methods to biomedical data.


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Web-Based Studies
Independent study

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This course is part of a study module:

Supervised and unsupervised learning, linear regression and classification problems, the curse of dimensionality, regularized regression, generalized regression model, clustering algorithms.

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Continuous learning
Continuing training


Academic Year 2022-2023

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Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics
Medicine, dental and pharmacy



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University of Oulu



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Prerequisities and co-requisites

It is recommended that this course is taken after the courses “Bio-data”, “Data mining and data-based models”, “Elementary Programming” and “Mathematics for biomedical data analysis” from the minor programme in bioinformatics if these courses are in the student’s curriculum.

It is recommended that this course is taken together or before the courses “Data analysis in practice, module 1” from the continuous education programme in bioinformatics and data analytics.

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