Managing Multinationals (AVOIN YO)

5 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2022-2023, ay724202A


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Managing Multinationals provides different theoretical perspectives on multinational enterprises (MNEs) and helps recognizing why MNEs exist, how they compete, and what their impact on society is. The course covers the following themes:

1) MNEs as actors in global economy,
2) Different perspectives to MNEs,
3) Changing MNEs (e.g. joint ventures, alliances, mergers and acquisitions),
4) Headquarter and subsidiary relationships,
5) MNEs as networks,
6) Cross-cultural management in MNEs and
7) MNEs in society.

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Continuous learning
Open university


Academic Year 2022-2023

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Business, administration and law


International Business

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University of Oulu



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Basic studies in business.

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