Mathematics for biomedical data analysis

5 ECTS credits, Academic Year 2022-2023, 744643S
This free online course teaches the mathematical basics needed to study biomedical data.
The course is meant for everyone who want to apply mathematical methods for analysis of biomedical data.


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Selected mathematical perspectives to introduce topical conversations and developments in the field. Algorithms: A set of simple mathematical concepts is used to classify a wide variety of computational techniques (logistic regression, principal component analysis, kernel methods, random forests, graphical models, deep learning) depending on their learning, versatility and application type, for a non-technical overview of the field. Inference: Covers the major mathematical principles underpinning data-dredging and related pitfalls, such as misinterpretation of P-values and multiple testing problems. Causality: Considers the mathematical basis for the paradigmatic shifts from traditional data analysis to causal analysis. Provoking examples are provided to 1) distinguish causal and non-causal relationships and 2) explain why causal inference is beyond the scope of the mathematical language of classical statistics.

Contents can vary.

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Continuous learning
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Academic Year 2022-2023

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Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics
Medicine, dental and pharmacy



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University of Oulu



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It is recommended that this course is taken after the course “744640S Data mining and data-based models”.

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