Mentoring programme schedule

The mentoring programme starts annually in October-November. Check out the current schedule for the mentoring programme. We reserve the right to change schedules. We will notify you of any time and location changes on this page.

Mentoring programme schedule in the academic year 2020 - 2021

 We reserve the right to change the schedule. Any time and location changes will be updated on this page.
If you are going to apply to the program, mark the important dates on your calender already now, and check them once more later. 

Before applying, please note that joint meetings and one-to-one mentoring meetings may be carried out in part or in full remotely, depending on the COVID-19 pandemic situation. So you should be also open for remote mentoring sessions and meetings.

Please provide a valid e-mail address in the application, as any contact with applicants and selected participants during the program will take place via that e-mail. Please check your email!

1) Application period for the programme
mentors and mentees (students)

Deadline for carefully completed applications is during Mon 28.9. - Fri 23.10.2020 (by 12 noon). Application period for mentoring 2020-2021 has ended. 

2) Group discussion sessions for mentees (students) 27-29 October 2020

  • Students applying to the program must participate in one discussion session of their choice. In the session we will explain the idea of the mentoring programme and after that the participants will be divided into group discussion. The idea is to discuss others about the motivation and reasons for applying to the programme (you can use your application as a reference). We kindly ask you to prioritize this event over possible overlapping commitments because it’s a mandatory event in order to proceed in the application process. The events might be held also remotely depending on the pandemic situation. 
  • It is necessary to register for the discussion session in advance and applicants must come to one of the sessions of their choice. You will receive a link to register to the event after sending your application. If you are unable to attend any of the the joint grup discussion events below, for example due to some personal reasons, please contact the organizers separately (contact info at the bottom of the page).
  • The group discussions wille be held either in English or in Finnish. The language is indicated in the schedule below.
  • Materials are distributed in Finnish and English. 
  • Be prepared to show that you have enrolled to the University of Oulu for the academic year 2020-2021 at the beginning of the event.

Choose one of the following sessions to register and to come to. NB! Only for the applicants who have sent their application in time.

The applicants will be informed before the group discussion events, wheter they will be held remotely or on site at the campus. 

  • Tue 27.10.2020 at 16-17.00, Room: Tellus Stage Linnanmaa or remotely, language: English
  • Wed 28.10.2020 at 15-16.00, Room: Tellus Stage Linnanmaa or remotely, language: English
  • Thu 29.10.2020 at 16-17.00, Room: Tellus Stage Kontinkangas or remotely, language: Finnish

3) Confirmation regarding the selections 13.11.2020
mentors and mentees (students)

We will announce at the latest on Fri 13.11. by 4pm regarding the selections for both students and mentors by email. We strive to find the most suitable pairs for all applicants, both mentors and students (mentees). However, it is possible that we will not find a match for all applicants, as each year the backgrounds and aspirations of the applicants vary.

4) Orientation for students (mentees) Q&A 

The orientation will be held remotely on Fri 27.11.2020 from 15-16. The remote link will be announced later.
In the meeting we will go through the basic principles of mentoring, frequently asked questions, and share the agenda for the first meeting. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions.
It is highly recommended that all selected students participate in the training.

5) Mentoring meetings 12/2020 - 04/2021

Joint kick-off meeting (mentees & mentors)

Thu 3.12.2020 At 4.30 pm (orientation for mentors), at about 5.15 pm the mentees will join. The venue and agenda will be announced later.
The mentor-mentee pairs will be announced for the first time at this meeting.

Mid-way meeting (mentees & mentors)

Mon 15.2.2021 from 4.30 pm to 7 pm. The venue and agenda will be announced later.
You can attend the meeting even if your own pair is not present.

Closing ceremony (mentees & mentors)

Mon 26.4.2021 From 4.30 pm to 7 pm. The venue and agenda will be announced later.
You can attend the meeting even if your own pair is not present.