#KOTONAONIHMISENHYVÄOLLA – Tarja Jakunaho's art exhibition in Pegasus Library 28.1.–24.2.2023

The exhibition deals with the artist’s own personal experiences of the fight for the right of his mother with Alzheimer’s disease to a good life and a safe home care.
Yksityiskohta Tarja Jakunahon teoksesta
Detail of Tarja Jakunaho's assemblage Rajaus.

Visual artist Tarja Jakunaho (b. 1967) invites you to take a peek into the life of person with a progressive memory disorder. The exhibition, which opens in the Maisemasali on the third floor of Pegasus Library on Saturday, 28 January, deals with artist's personal experiences of fighting for the right of his mother with Alzheimer's disease to have a good life and safe home care. The exhibition consists of works of art carried out with different techniques.

Through her art exhibition, Jakunaho wants to prove the power of visual art in dealing with personal issues. Externalizing a difficult life situation into a picture helps to see and understand what has happened. It may provide solutions and make it easier to face similar situations again.

Tarja Jakunaho describes herself as a nomad who has moved from moving image to visual arts, from Northern Finland via Helsinki, Tampere and Sastamala to central Finland. She is an art therapist who studies fine art and develops activities that make making visual arts a part of everyone's everyday life, in the name of equality.

Art exhibition: Tarja Jakunaho #KOTONAONIHMISENHYVÄOLLA
Pegasus Library, Maisemasali (3rd floor)
28.1.-24.2.2023. Open within library opening hours.

Opening of the exhibition on Saturday 28 January 2023 from 12:00 to 14:30.

Last updated: 27.1.2023