Dividing the World through Wonder: How We Became Curious

A 'history of the present' of curiosity as an educational notion

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Academy of Finland - Postdoctoral Researcher

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250 767 EUR

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University of Oulu

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Faculty of Science

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This research project employs Foucault-influenced genealogical modes of inquiry to examine the problem of “curiosity” across a range of discourses around education and childhood. As such, the study is interested in the historical formation of the knowing, learning, and feeling subject, and focuses primarily on academic, curricular and pedagogical texts in its analysis. This project engages scholarship within the fields of geography, history, and education, as well as theoretical-methodological questions around interdisciplinary and transnational studies.

The project has received additional funding through the Academy of Finland Covid 19 special call for a subproject, "This doesn’t concern me:” Distance, relationality and responsibility amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The project has previously been funded by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation through the Finnish Foundations’ Post Doc Pool (1.8.2017‒31.7.2019, 101 000 EUR) and the Emil Aaltonen Foundation (1.4.‒31.7.2017, 9 980 EUR).