Hybridi -Strengthening the corporate responsibility of micro-entrepreneurs through a peer network

The project gathers information on the challenges and support needs of solo- and micro-entrepreneurs in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and corporate responsibility expertise and views on responsibility providing support for solo- and micro-entrepreneurs to meet their needs.


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European Structural and Investment Funds - European Social Fund (ESF)

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The aims of the project are:

  • To develop the corporate responsibility skills of micro-entrepreneurs and thus to improve their ability to respond to changes in the operating environment.
  • Competence development creates a basis for improving the well-being of entrepreneurs at work and improving the productivity of companies, which creates growth opportunities.
  • To pilot group activities (peer-groups and focus-groups) for micro-entrepreneurs and, based on the experiences and data gathered during the project, to develop a new hybrid service model that combines these forms of support activities. The goal of such a model is to better meet the individual needs of entrepreneurs.

Gather information on the challenges and support needs of the micro-entrepreneurs in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic (particularly related to sustainable business, which in turn is linked to the agility of business change), and gather information on the level of corporate responsibility skills.

  • Provide support to micro-entrepreneurs help to meet their needs: A) Online/ face to face peer support activities based on peer-support, B) Focus groups, which aim to develop the responsibility competence of entrepreneurs by focusing on certain sector of corporate responsibility (economic, social or environmental responsibility).
  • To develop a model of “corporate responsibility focus concept”, which can be used to develop the responsibility skills of entrepreneurs. This concept allows entrepreneurs to quickly and effectively increase their responsibility skills.