SEUTUrekry – Supporting international recruitment and developing the recruitment capacity of companies

This project promotes activities related to international recruitment, the engagement of international students, the integration of immigrants and the attractiveness of key sectors experiencing labor shortages.



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Yrityssalo Oy

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The aim is to find solutions to the worsening labor shortage in various sectors in the regional cities by accelerating labor and education-related migration and developing the attractiveness of key sectors suffering from labor shortages through cooperation between different actors in different regional cities.

The goal is for companies to develop international recruitment skills and to be able to receive employees better. In addition, regional cities have better conditions for the development of functioning reception and integration services, so that the services become part of the everyday life of regional cities and are easily accessible to work-based immigrants, for example through business services.

Project parties:

  • Jokilaaksojen koulutuskuntayhtymä
  • Järvi-Pohjanmaan Yrityspalvelu Oy,
  • Kalajoen kaupunki
  • Kauhajoen kaupunki
  • Kehitys-Parkki Oy
  • Koillis-Suomen kehittämisyhtiö Naturpolis Oy
  • Koulutuskuntayhtymä Brahe
  • Kristiinankaupungin elinkeinokeskus
  • Kurikan kaupunki
  • NavitasKehitys Oy
  • Oulun yliopisto Kerttu Saalasti Instituutti, Mikroyrityskeskus MicroENTRE
  • Pietarsaarenseudun kehittämisyhtiö Concordia Oy
  • Rauman kaupunki
  • SASKY koulutuskuntayhtymä
  • Savonlinnan hankekehitys Oy