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Our multidisciplinary team is determined to develop novel technologies for tissue characterization and disease detection. We have a long and successful history in developing quantitative magnetic resonance imaging techniques for musculoskeletal diseases. We aim to improve image quality in computed tomography through novel x-ray detectors and image reconstruction methods as well as distributed computing. We develop AI-based methods to enable automatic identification of tissue pathologies in radiological images.

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  • Develop novel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques for the early detection of musculoskeletal diseases
  • Develop novel image reconstruction methods in computed tomography (CT) and MRI
  • Investigate the use of novel x-ray detectors in radiological imaging
  • Develop novel image analysis methods, such as AI-assisted methods for automated detection of disease
  • Improve radiation safety of x-ray based imaging methods
  • Develop optical methods for real-time tissue characterization
  • Investigate the possibilities of edge computing in the radiology value chain

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Miika Nieminen, research group leader,

Victor Casula, vice-leader

Mikael Juntunen, vice-leader