Julia Kemppinen

Postdoctoral researcher

Faculty of Science

I am a physical geographer with ecological questions. I investigate all sorts of things, but my favourite topics are soil moisture, plant functional traits and species distributions. I work mainly in arctic and alpine ecosystems. I am also a trained science communicator and university pedagogist. I am a member of the national IPBES-working group in 2023-2026.

Postdoc project 3
2022-2025 Investigating geodiversity-biodiversity relationships under climate change. Funded by the Academy of Finland

2023-2026 PhD project related to my postdoc project. Funded by the Kvantum Institute, University of Oulu

Postdoc project 2
2021 – 2022 Changing vegetation and microclimate of the Arctic. Funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation / Foundations’ Post Doc Pool

Postdoc project 1
2020-2022 Global change in northern environments. Funded by Arctic Interactions, University of Oulu

Research interests

  • Physical geography
  • Biogeography

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Julia Kemppinen

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Geography Research Unit
FI-90014 University of Oulu