Kaisa Vehkalahti

PhD, Adjunct Professor
Academy Research Fellow
Cultural and Social History

History, Culture and Communications
Faculty of Humanities

Kaisa Vehkalahti

Vehkalahti joined the academic staff in autumn 2017. She is Academy Research Fellow in project Rural Generations on the Move. Cultural History of Rural Youth, 1950-2020 (Academy of Finland, 2019-2024). She is Adjunct Professor (docent) of Cultural and Social History in the University of Oulu since 2015, and in the University of Lapland since 2020. Vehkalahti lectures in history of childhood, youth and education, research ethics and digital humanities. She supervises theses related to her research. She leads the multidisciplinary research team focusing on History of Childhood and Education 'Lapanen'. She is also PI for projects My Countryside: Intergenerationality, Place and Gender in the Finnish Countryside (funded by Kone-foundation, 2021-2025) and Northern Rural Youth in Flux (NorFlux)(funded by Eudaimonia Institute, University of Oulu 2018-2022). Her current research interests focus on qualitative longitudinal youth studies, rural history and oral history.

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