Manish Kumar

PhD (Dr. rer. nat.)
Postdoctoral Researcher
Materials Science

Fibre and Particle Engineering
Faculty of Technology

Manish Kumar

Dr. Manish Kumar (born 1990) graduated in nanotechnology at Pondicherry University, India. In 2017, he earned his doctorate in natural sciences from the Leibniz University Hannover, Germany (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Franz Renz). He worked in the field of biopolymer and biocomposites membrane for biomedical and energy storage applications. One of his research papers has been highlighted on the cover page of Journal of biomedical materials research part A.

He is a postdoctoral researcher (Apr 01, 2018 - Jul 31, 2019) at Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit (Head: Prof. Dr. Mirja Illikainen). He is working on the project “Green carbon nanofibers for large area electronics” (Grelectronics), He is a member of the Hannover School for Nanotechnology (HSN), Germany.

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University of Oulu
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