Minna-Kerttu Maarja Kekki

Postdoctoral researcher
Philosophy of education, phenomenology, political philosophy

Eudaimonia Institute

Minna-Kerttu Kekki

Currently, I have two research projects going on. One is about the educational-philosophical questions of the media-based public discussion, which continues the research I started already in my doctoral dissertation. This research is motivated by the sustainability problems of democratic societies. 

The other project concerns Edith Stein's political phenomenology. She worked on political and phenomenological questions around 100 years ago, but her work is still often discarded, as she was a woman and a Jew. However, her political works present an interesting and a unique alternative to her contemporaries, such as Carl Schmitt.  

My academic fields are philosophy of education, phenomenology, and political philosophy. My academic background is both in philosophy and in education. I have studied at the University of Helsinki, University of Tübingen (Germany), and the University of Jyväskylä. The next academic year (2023-2024) I will spend as a visiting researcher at the University of Sussex in UK.

Research interests

  • phenomenology
  • public sphere
  • democracy
  • state

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Minna-Kerttu Kekki

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