Nizar Abou Zaki

Doctoral of Science (Tech)
Postdoc Researcher

Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Technology

With the global population increase rate, more stress is put on the available water resources, with a constant search for new freshwater sources. The climate change impacts and the overexploitation of the water resources, make new freshwater sources are getting more difficult to find. Finland is known for its freshwater resources and sustainable water usage legislation. Still at the Water, Energy and Environment Research Group, we research to enhance the water usage sustainability and finding new freshwater sources. My research at the unit focuses on using remotely sensed data, to evaluate both the recharge and depletion of surface and groundwater. Remote sensing can be a reliable method for evaluation of the water usage sustainability, especially in communities that lack both the funding and techniques to evaluate their water current situation.

Research interests

  • hydrology
  • sustainable water management
  • climate change
  • remote sensing

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Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering Unit
Faculty of Technology

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Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Research Unit
P.O. Box 4300, 90014 University of Oulu, Finland