Sylvester Eriksson-Bique

Assistant Professor
Analysis on Metric Spaces, Harmonic Analysis, Functional Analysis, Geometric Measure Theory

Mathematical Sciences
Faculty of Science

I started at the Research Unit of Mathematics in January 2021. My work is in analysis, and specifically analysis on metric spaces. I study foundational tools in this field, such as modulus, quasiconformal maps and uniformization, and then work to apply the gained insights to connect the analytic and geometric properties of a space. In this work I employ tools and ideas from harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory and functional analysis.

While this work is theoretical, I am also interested in problems of a more computational flavor. Especially problems in computational geometry and visualization. Please contact me if you would be interested, as a researcher or student, to pursue projects in such areas. Website:

I did my Ph.D. at Courant Institue, NYU in Spring 2017. My thesis adviser was Bruce Kleiner. Then, I was a post doctoral research with an NSF grant at University of California, Los Angeles 2017-2020. With a Finnish Academy "Tutkijatohtori" (Doctoral researcher) grant I returned to Jyväskylä University, in Fall 2020. From there, I was hired at Oulu University in Spring 2021 as Assistant professor.

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Research Unit of Mathematical Sciences
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