Siemens Mammomat Inspiration

Siemens Mammomat Inspiration device


  • Tube voltage: 23kV – 35kV
  • X-ray tube anode material: Mo-anode and W-anode
  • Mo-anode mAs (25kV and max power): 2mAs – 500mAs manual state, 5mAs – 500mAs AEC
  • W-anode mAs (25kV and max power): 2mAs – 630mAs manual state, 5mAs – 630mAs AEC
  • Detector size: 24x30cm
  • SID: 65cm
  • Filter: Mo/Rh
  • Pixel size: 85µm
  • Scan time: 10ms – 4s with wide focus, 60ms – 6s with tight focus

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