Cancer and Translational Medicine Research Unit

Cancer and Translational Medicine Research Unit is a multidisciplinary unit consisting of anatomy and cell biology, laboratory medicine, pathology, oral pathology, clinical oncology, and research groups focusing on cancer genetics and analytics of intestinal microbiome.

The common denominator of the research is a translational approach where the key objective is to apply basic research findings to clinical use in order to improve detection and treatment of diseases. The unit carries out biomedical, clinical and translational research that provides new knowledge, particularly about the risk factors and development and progression of cancer and musculoskeletal disorders. In addition, biomarkers used in diagnostics, predictive assessment and treatment selection are studied. The unit also investigates cancer susceptibility genes and their mechanism of action, as well as examines the properties of the microbiome.

The research unit is responsible for the teaching of its specialties as well as for specialist training in pathology, oral pathology, clinical oncology and laboratory medicine.

Head of Unit: Professor Juha Tuukkanen
Vice Head of Unit: Professor Taina Turpeenniemi-Hujanen

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