Preparation for the University of Oulu's Arctic Strategy

The Arctic strategy for the University of Oulu will support university’s strategy for the 2020’s. It will set targets and practical tasks for future work as well as measures for the activities. The strategy will take advantage of the possibilities for multidisciplinary approaches and the expertise in all fields of the University of Oulu.

Preparation for University of Oulu’s Arctic strategy

We are situated close to the Arctic region, humanity’s new frontier. The demanding conditions of the far north have always forced people to be inventive and resourceful, and many innovations that have changed the world have their roots here. At the University of Oulu, we call this Science with Arctic attitude. The research done at the University of Oulu benefits people living at all latitudes, but as one of the Northernmost international science universities, we have a particular responsibility toward questions related to the Arctic.

The Arctic strategy for the University of Oulu will support university’s strategy for the 2020’s. It will focus e.g. on:

  • climate and environmental changes and the ecological and other societal impacts caused by these major changes in the Arctic,
  • sustainable development,
  • the rights of the inhabitants of the Arctic region.

The strategy work will take into account Finland´s and European Union´s Arctic strategies.

The preparation for University of Oulu’s Arctic strategy was launched on January 28th, 2022. In the event the background for the strategy work was laid out, and timeline and process of the preparation were shared. 

Watch the recording of the kick-off event here

The kick-off event slides are available here.

Tasks and timeline


  • Identification of the main themes and strengths of the university´s arctic research, including infrastructures, and identification of the main areas requiring further development.
  • Strengthening of the national and international co-operation in arctic research.
  • Generating a developmental plan with concrete action points and measures for the activities.


  • Open online survey (February), working group’s assessment
  • The draft open for public comments by university personnel (October)
  • Meetings and discussions, also with national research institutions and other universities, e.g. University of Helsinki (October) and feedback
  • Final Arctic strategy to be presented to the university’s Board (November)

Arctic Strategy Online Survey

The preparation for University of Oulu’s Arctic strategy was launched on January 28th, 2022. The first part of the process was the open survey to the whole university personnel and students to assess the university´s current status and opportunities in research and education related to the Arctic and to identify main areas for further development. The results of the open online survey have been used as basis for the strategy work. The working group has developed a draft of Arctic strategy, which has been introduced and discussed with e.g. University of Oulu Rectors and Deans.

The draft is now open for comments and suggestions from the university community. After this round of comments, the Arctic strategy will be finalized.

Suggestions and comments from the university community for the university’s Arctic strategy are now requested via this form: , by October 16th, 2022.

Arctic Strategy working group

Arctic strategy working group chair, Arja Rautio, Thule Institute, arja.rautio(at)

Arctic strategy working group co-chair, Kirsi Latola, Thule Institute, kirsi.latola(at)

Heikkinen, Hannu; Heikkinen, Mervi; Ikäheimo, Tiina; Inkeröinen, Jouko; Klöve, Björn; Lehtola, Veli-Pekka; Lunkka, Juha Pekka; Länsman, Anni-Siiri; Muhos, Matti; Mutanen, Marko; Norum, Roger; Paakkari, Jussi; Pongrácz, Eva; Saarnisaari, Harri; Salmi, Anna-Kaisa; Simonen, Jaakko; Soikkeli, Anu; Strand, Kari; Tanskanen, Eija; Tikkanen, Pertti; Uitto, Minna; Vainio, Seppo; Väisänen, Pauli; Welker, Jeffrey; Ylitapio-Mäntylä, Outi