Our main research is focus is in smart and sustainable energy systems. We study the development of distributed energy systems as a highly automatized network, which incorporates renewable energy sources and aims to be low carbon.

In addition, we hope to drive energy innovations in the North and work with SMEs in the energy sector to encourage the application of energy innovations and technology transfer across the Northern Periphery area.

We also promote sustainable regional development and encourage the uptake of renewable energy technologies in remote northern areas, resource efficiency and synergy of critical infrastructure.

In environmental engineering, our focus is on waste management, in particular on waste prevention and recovery. One of the targets is the use critical materials in electronics and sustainable energy technologies, as we hope to promoting measures to preventing dissipation of critical materials.

Another target of research is on bio-waste, in particular we concentrate on the prevention of food loss, as well as on the recovery of energy and nutrients from waste biomass.

In many of our research subjects, we specialize on issues relating to Northern and Arctic areas. In addition to the those mentioned, we are also interested in the environmental and social issues associated with Arctic shipping.

Our researchers are also well versed in the use and development of assessment tools and metholodologies such as sustainability assessment, life-cycle asessment, ecological footprint analysis and material flow assessment.


Last updated: 6.9.2016