Enhancement of Oil Spill Response System by Establishing Oil Database

The objective of this project was to improve the mechanism of effective coordination between international response forces in case of emergency spills of Russian oil in the waters of northern seas, taking into account the prediction of oil behavior in cold environments.

During oil spills, there may be changes in physical and chemical properties of oil that affect the behavior of the oil patch. Laboratory data on oil weathering makes it possible to predict the behavior of oil at sea more accurately under various weather conditions and, therefore, to choose the most efficient response measures, for example, mechanical recovery, use of dispersants, etc.

Taking into account the expected growth of production and transportation of oil in the Arctic the implementation of these activities would significantly contribute to reduction of the risk of accidents and, therefore, potential threats to the environment and traditional life-sustaining activities in the Arctic.

The following tasks were performed:

  1. Oil weathering studies and database establishment
  2. Study of the dispersants performance with different types of oil
  3. Improvement of interaction pattern between response forces based on the created oil database
  4. Development of recommendations for the application of the database and improvement of the technology of the emergency oil spill response

Project partners:

  • Lead partner: State Regional Centre for Standardization, Metrology and Testing in the Murmansk Region, Russia
  • Norwegian Coastal Administration, Norway
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise Murmansk Salvage Department, Russia
  • Storvik Consult, Murmansk, Russia
  • Murmansk Administration for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, Russia
  • University of Oulu, NorTech Oulu, Finland
  • Finnish Environment Institute, Finland
  • Ministry of Economic Development of the Murmansk Region, Russia

Project funding:

  • Kolarctic ENPI CBC programme

2012 - 2014

Contact person in Finland:

Eva Pongrácz

Last updated: 1.12.2020