Current research projects:

  • APP4SEA: Arctic Preparedness Platform for Oil Spill and other Accidents, 5/2017-4/2020
    APP4SEA is a transnational project, which aims to strengthen the preparedness of environmental authorities and the awareness of general public in the coastal areas of the European Arctic region regarding oil spill response. The project is financed by the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme.

  • Smart energy networks 2050: Modelling of energy and information fluxes, impact of user response on decarbonisation (SEN 2050), 9/2015-8/2019
    The main purpose of this project is to conceptualize a decarbonized energy network by 2050, in a North Finland setting. We intend to produce a planning and evaluation model for smart energy networks development. We are developing a set of modelling and computational tools intended to support and strengthen the transition phase, the smartening of the system. The project is financed by the Academy of Finland.

  • Funding resources for innovation in energy enterprise development (FREED), 1/2016-12/2018
    FREED will provide SMEs with support for business planning and sourcing funding to realize the commercial potential of energy innovations. Project activities will include an innovation tender, where we will search for innovative technologies and/or start-ups to support. Further we will help the selected SME in business planning, sourcing funding and technology transfer. FREED is funded by the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) Programme.

  • Renewable Community Empowerement in Northern Territories (RECENT), 9/2015-8/2018
    The RECENT Project aims to increase energy knowledge in rural communities and help them to have more resilient and energy efficient public infrastructure capable of handling climate change related risks. The outcome of the project will be 24 pilots demonstrating sustainable energy solutions and resource synergies, and an on-line virtual learning platform. RECENT is financed by the NPA Programme.

  • Healthy Food and Lifestyle Choices in the Arctic, 7/2015-6/2018
    The main aim of this project is to contribute to a more healthy diet in a changing Arctic through bringing scientists and stakeholders from Norway, Finland and Russia together. A specific focus will be on local food culture and food, alcohol as a part of eating habits, and food wastage in the Arctic. The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers Arctic Cooperation Programme.

  • The challenges of recycling sustainable energy and cleantech applications: Are we running out of critical materials? 4/2016-3/2019
    The main purpose of this post-doctoral research is to bridge knowledge gaps between planning, design, production, use and end-of-life management of sustainable energy and cleantech infrastructure from the point of critical raw materials. In this project, the key sustainable energy and cleantech applications dependent on critical materials will be mapped and the main stages of life-cycles where dissipation of selected critical material occurs will be identified. The funding is provided as personal scholarship by the Kone Foundation to Dr. Jenni Ylä-Mella.

Recently ended research projects

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