Heads of unit:
Prof. Eva Pongrácz, Docent, D.Sc.(Tech.)
Head of research unit

Administrative personnel:

Phil.Lic. Niko Hänninen
Project Manager

PhD, M.Sc.(Tech) Antonio Caló
Research doctor (Smart energy networks, nuclear energy)

D.Sc.(Tech) Jenni Ylä-Mella
Research doctor (Criticality studies, WEEE recovery)

D.Sc.(Tech) Jean-Nicolas Louis
Research doctor (Smart energy networks)

MBA Elena Fedorova
PhD candidate (Social sustainability of biofuel value chains)

M.Sc.(Tech) Victor Pavlov
PhD candidate (Marine environmental protection in the Arctic)

M.Sc.(Tech.) Aida Hosseinian
PhD candidate (Circular economy)

M.Sc.(Econ.) Adeleye Adetunji
PhD candidate (The value of flexibility services)

M.Sc.(Tech.) Jari Pulkkinen
PhD candidate (Energy transition in cities)

M.Sc.(Tech.) Anusha Airi
PhD candidate (Biowaste utilization)

M.Sc.(Tech.) Vinay Shekar
Project researcher (EaaSLab, SINNI)

External members:

M.Sc. Sanna Hietala
Doctoral student, Researcher at Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)

M.Sc. Jari Huttunen
Doctoral student, Nokia Bell Labs



Last updated: 13.10.2020