Summer trainees

Trainees in the unit during 1.6.-31.7.2017

Ahmed Abdelmonem

Subject: Network structure of smart grids
Project: SEN2050
Availability: TF 304

Kalle Herva


Subject: Social media materials to publoicize FREED project deliverables
Project: FREED
Availability: TF 304

Jari Pulkkinen

Subject: EnergyPlan software, tutorial and distribution files
Project: SEN2050
Availability: TF 306-2

Alec Svoboda

Subject: Rooftop PV sizing with Skelion, tutorial and advertising videos
Project: RECENT and FREED
Availability: TF 305

Lilu Zhou

Subject: Commercial biowaste treatment technologies
Project: RECENT
Availability: TF 305


Last updated: 9.8.2017