Circular economy

Transition Pathways to Circular Economy


Project description

Transition to a circular economy is seen as an essential condition to respond to the challenge of the sustainable use of natural resources in the future. The Transition Pathways Towards Circular Economy (TRANSCIRC) project responds to the challenges of resource  scarcity by producing pathways that enhance transition towards a circular economy in Finland within the global context.

TRANSCIRC will construct pathways that consist of different future-oriented measures that aim at responding to EU targets more extensively than would be required. The project will identify a set of measures among different regional, national and local levels as well as businesses and consumers using practical experiences and new scientific information. TRANSCIRC will build on a collaborative approach using quantitative data, statistics, scenarios, material science on material and waste streams, material flow analysis, combined Environmentally-Extended Input-Output and economic modelling as well as bottom-up approach. This approach allows studying the use of natural resources, the role of non-renewable and renewable resources in the transition, their environmental impacts, economic growth and employment opportunities achieved by the changes.

The expectation of the project is that TRANSCIRC will produce a comprehensive understanding about the possibilities of transition among different stakeholders. The competence and impacts created during the project will increase the competitiveness of Finnish exports e.g. in cleantech markets.

Project coordinator



SYKE; VTT; University of Oulu


Jenni Ylä-Mella

Postdoctoral researcher
Prof. Eva Pongrácz

Eva Pongracz


Aida Hosseinian

PhD Candidate