See Faculty of Humanities website for general information about graduation (in Finnish).

Maturity test for the Bachelor's Degree

In the maturity test (kypsyysnäyte), students demonstrate their familiarity with the subject of their Bachelor’s Thesis (kandidaatintutkielma) and demonstrate their language skills either in Finnish or Swedish. If you are unsure about which language you should choose, contact your teacher tutor. Typically, Finnish-speaking students who have received their basic education in Finnish (i.e. attended a Finnish-speaking comprehensive school) take the test in Finnish, and correspondingly, the same applies to Swedish speakers.

Students whose native language is not Finnish or Swedish write the maturity test in their native language or in the language of their thesis. The maturity test can be written in a language other than Finnish or Swedish only if the language in question is represented at the University.

In English Philology, the maturity test is organized in the Examinarium (Akvaariotentti).

After you have finished your Bachelor's Thesis and uploaded it to Laturi (it need not be assessed yet), agree on the maturity test with the teacher of your Bachelor's Seminar and Thesis -course. In all other cases (e.g. if the teacher of your Bachelor's Seminar and Thesis -course does not work at the university anymore), please contact Tiina Keisanen by email to agree on the maturity test.

Maturity test for the Master's Degree

Please note the following information on the abstract of the Master’s Thesis (Pro gradu -tutkielma), which also serves as the maturity test for the Master’s Degree:

Students majoring in English Philology write their abstracts in English. In addition, in order to fulfil the requirements of the maturity test (kypsyysnäyte) for the Master’s Degree they also need to write the abstract in their mother tongue (Finnish, Swedish or native language, i.e. the language of the maturity test for the Bachelor’s Degree). If a student has taken a Bachelor’s degree in another Finnish university or university of applied sciences, the same applies.

Students who have taken their Bachelor’s Degrees abroad (regardless of their mother tongue), please contact Oili Sievola in the Faculty of Humanities for instructions; you will have to take the maturity test as described above for the Bachelor’s Degree.

Last updated: 21.10.2019