Main subject studies

English Philology may be studied as a main subject leading to Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts. In order to be accepted to study English Philology one must

  • successfully complete their education at a Finnish secondary school (lukio) or a vocational school
  • or a comparable standard within an educational system offered in another country
  • pass the University of Oulu's annual competitive entrance examination

Please see the Faculty website for more information.

Please note that the language of the degree is Finnish and the studies require good knowledge of the language. In general, only the studies of English Philology are taught in English.

    Entrance examination

    See the website of the Faculty of Humanities for more information.

    MA studies admission

    If you have completed your bachelor's degree in a relevant field and have completed Basic and Intermediate studies in English Philology, you can apply directly to MA studies. Apply via Opintopolku.

    Minor subject studies

    Students already enrolled at the University of Oulu for some other main subject may recieve the study right for English Philology as a minor subject after successfully passing a separate entrance examination. The study right covers Basic Studies in English Philology (25 ECTS) and Intermediate Studies in English Philology (35 ECTS). The examination is arranged annually in spring; applicants should sign up for this examination through WebOodi. The examination is held simultaneously with the main subject entrance examination, see the date and place above. The sign-up time for the minor subject entrance examination starts at the beginning of March. The requirements (and the readings) are the same as for the major subject examination (see above). More detailed information about the sign up will be available on the English Philology website (news items) in February.

    Last updated: 4.10.2018