Pentti Haddington, Professor of English, is interested in verbal and embodied practices in social interaction. He has studied interaction in various mobile settings and multitasking as an interactional activity. In the PeaceTalk project, he has studied code-swiching practices, UN military observers' first noticings, and noticings develop into the activity of observing.

Post-doctoral researchers

Antti Kamunen (2019-2022), PhD, is generally interested in multimodal practices in social interaction. In the PeaceTalk project, Kamunen is interested in information sharing and code-switching practices in tactical operations centres in crisis management training. In addition, he is interested in interaction inside patrol cars in UN military observer training.

Tuire Oittinen (2020-2023), PhD, studies multimodal and multilingual practices in institutional and work settings. She is also interested in technology-mediated interaction, and in the PeaceTalk project, her focus areas are team building and decision-making in remote crisis management training.

Doctoral researcher

Iira Rautiainen (2018-2022), MA, uses ethnography and interaction analytic methods. Her primary data consist of audio-video recordings and ethnographic field notes from United Nations military observer training courses. She is interested in both the use of English as a lingua franca and collaborative practices and team work in the course.

Collaboration (in alphabetical order)

Crisis Management Centre Finland (CMC Finland)

National Defence University (Associate Professor Soili Paananen)

The Finnish Defence Forces International Centre (FINCENT)


Last updated: 3.2.2021