English today enjoys a special status as the global language. It is written, spoken and understood throughout the world and has become the most important medium not only for international communication of all sorts (casual and informal, commercial and industrial, political and diplomatic, etc.) but also for the dissemination of scientific and scholarly research. This high status of English as a global language demands correspondingly high standards in those wishing to use the language for professional, academic, or even personal reasons.

The English curriculum is designed to address this need for high quality English learning by offering a carefully graded mix of courses focusing on the four core areas of English:

- Language Skills
- Linguistics
- Literature
- Culture

    The English program at the University of Oulu will not only introduce you to one of the world’s great literary, cultural, and linguistic traditions, and prepare you to participate in the twenty-first century’s global dialogue, but will also give you a competitive edge in many language-oriented professions ranging from teaching to editing, communication to mass media.