Control Engineering

Research is directed towards process modelling and control as well as industrial applications of artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis covering a large area from paper and metallurgical industries to biotechnology and also mineral processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Applications consist of:

  • soft sensors
  • advanced control, diagnostics and condition monitoring (lime kiln, pulp cooking, bleaching, TMP-refiner, paper machine, blast furnace, converter plant, continuous casting, solar power plant, waste water processes, bioprocesses, fluidised bed granulator)
  • wireless systems
  • modelling and control in energy production of different scales (bioenergy, hydrogen energy, solar energy, small-scale boilers and furnaces)

Research strategy






Control engineering research group seeks active collaboration in the fields of both research and teaching with local, national and international partners. If you are interested in cooperation in large research projects or smaller analysis services, please contact professor Mika Ruusunen.