ECE Research Group has experience of fruitful collaboration with several international and national research institutes and companies related to the intensification of the industrial processes. The Laboratory has/has had several projects funded by the Academy of Finland (AF), the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes), EU, different foundations and industry. The laboratory’s research activities include strong theoretical and experimental knowhow on catalysis and membrane technologies, including industrial waste waters purification, catalytic technologies for air and water purification (NOx, SOx, VOCs), CO2 utilization, hybrid methods for heavy metals and nutrients removal, and surface fouling prevention, systematic experimental design, CFD and DEM modeling, as well as development and use of a sustainability assessment tool for early stage unit operations and process design purposes.

For more information, please contact responsible person of the projects or professor Riitta Keiski or laboratory manager Esa Muurinen.

Last updated: 15.2.2019