Research areas

Research areas in Environmental and Chemical Engineering research group are

  • Catalysis and photocatalysis
    - Fuels/chemicals production from biomass and waste streams; H2, biobutanol
    - Flue/exhaust gas and water purification
    - CO2 utilization (CCS & CCU)
  • Separation processes
    - Separation, purification, recovery, recycling: Membrane technologies, Adsorption, Photocatalysis, Chromatography, Supercritical extraction
  • Sustainability assessment
    - Development of sustainability assessment tools and criteria, especially for social impact evaluation, toxicity, and health effects of emissions
  • Modelling and simulation
    - Process and unit operation design and Fouling of heat exchange surfaces
    - CFD, DEM, thermodynamics, kinetics
    - Energy efficiency, energy optimization models for real estates
  • Combining catalysis and separation to hybrid technologies
    - Utilization of modelling and sustainability assessment

Application areas of the research areas include the following

  • Development and use of unit operations in biorefineries, mining and metallurgical industry, and by SMEs and in Cleantech applications
  • Sustainable environmental and process technologies
  • Use of renewable and recycled materials, and waste streams; Use of primary, secondary and substitutive materials in materials development

Last updated: 20.2.2020