The Environmental Humanities Programme acts as the coordinator of the minor subject in Environmental Humanities at the University of Oulu.

Environmental humanities have been taught at the university since 2002 in collaboration with the disciplines of art studies, cultural anthropology, cultural geography, education, history, philosophy and sociology to offer state-of-the-art education in the field of the humanities focusing on various phenomena of human-nature relationships. It is thus the first of its kind of a minor subject in Finland combining teaching and research from many study programmes and faculties.

The minor subject in Environmental Humanities forms an important part of the multifaceted training of environmental specialists and researchers. Understanding environmental problems and addressing them requires a humanistic view of the diversity of the field. Natural phenomena, social customs, economics, technology, cultural concepts and values are all interrelated. For this reason, even at the onset of the studies the aim is strong multidisciplinary expertise and development of critical thinking. The minor subject in Environmental Humanities complements the expertise provided by main subjects.

Studies in Environmental Humanities are mostly carried out via independent study. Compulsory courses are Introduction to Environmental Humanities (5 ECTS credits) and Environmental Values and Environmental Ethics (5 ECTS credits). Other courses may be chosen freely, forming a Basic Studies package of between 25 and 35 ECTS credits.


Last updated: 8.10.2018