Recent Publications

Kylli, Ritva. "Traditional Arctic Healing and Medicines of Modernisation in Finnish and Swedish Lapland." In Healers and Empires in Global History: Healing as Hybrid and Contested Knowledge, eds. Markku Hokkanen and Kalle Kananoja. Palgrave Macmillan 2019, 27-53.

Ruuskanen, Esa and Hakosalo, Heini. In Pursuit of Healthy Environments: Lessons from Historical Cases on the Environment-Health Nexus. Routledge studies in environment, culture, and society. Routledge, 2021. 

Ruuskanen, Esa. "The emergence of Baltic Moorkultur : visions of scientific-technological mastery of peatlands in the age of great social change, 1850–1914." History and Technology,  Issue 3-4, Vol 34 (2019), 213-234

Ruuskanen, Esa and Väyrynen, Kari. "Theory and prospects of environmental history." Rethinking History, Issue 4, Vol. 21 (2017), 456–473.


Last updated: 18.11.2020