Members of the Environmental Humanities Programme at the University of Oulu are currently involved in several research projects in many research groups which address the interconnectedness of human cultures and the environment, including, for example:

Where Are The Wild Things: A Pilot Study on Human Perceptions of Wild Spaces and Species in Dynamic Arctic Landscapes (Hannu I. Heikkinen, Élise Lépy, Roger Norum)

Valuing peatlands: changing land use practices, knowledge transfer and institutionalized notions regarding bogs, fens and mires in Finland and Sweden, circa 1700-2000 (Esa Ruuskanen)

Finnish environmental history and environmental thinking, 1700-2000 (Kari Väyrynen, Esa Ruuskanen)

Evolutionary ecology of Finnish Sami people in the pre-industrial era (Matti Enbuske, Ritva Kylli)

The programme collaborates closely with the following research groups and research centres at the University of Oulu:

Age of Adjustment


The Oulu Centre for Theoretical and Philosophical Studies of History


Last updated: 16.10.2018