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9.1.2020 News

Reindeer feeding began 800 years ago

University of Oulu researchers found out together with their Nordic colleagues that reindeer supplementary feeding began in some areas already 800 years ago. Previously it has been unclear when supplementary feeding of the reindeer began.

11.12.2019 News

Eudaimonia doctoral thesis prize winner announced

During Fall 2019, Eudaimonia has requested human scientists to make proposals for nominees for Eudaimon

15.10.2019 News

Eudaimonia Prize for an outstanding multidisciplinary doctoral thesis in human sciences

The Eudaimonia Institute is proud to open the call for an outstanding doctoral dissertation in multidisciplinary human sciences.

11.10.2019 News

Eudaimonia Breakfasts with introductions to spearhead projects in human sciences


19.6.2019 News

New evidence about the bone strengthening effects of different forms of exercise from archaeological perspective

Medical research has confirmed it, and now archaeologists have as well: forms of exercise that involve shaking and vibrations are the best for strengthening bones. The archaeological research carried out at the University of Oulu also found that exercise involving repeated vibrations combined with a larger muscle cross-sectional area is the most effective for strengthening bones.

21.9.2018 News

Eudaimonia Prize for an outstanding multidisciplinary doctoral thesis in human sciences - Call for nominations

Eudaimonia Prize for an outstanding multidisciplinary doctoral thesis in human sciences.

19.3.2018 News

Emerging projects selected

University of Oulu allocated doctoral training positions to emerging research themes – within the context of the four strategic focus institutes Biocenter Oulu, Eudaimonia, Infotech and Kvantum.

9.3.2018 News

Forced displacement and migration are part of Finland’s recent history

It is only a few decades since many Finns became war refugees; there are still people among us whose past is marked by forced displacement and migration. What are their stories like? How did these people integrate into a new community and the society, and how long did it take?


15.2.2018 News

Sexual harassment also common among primary school-aged children

Sexual harassment between children is widespread. The information comes from a study conducted by the University of Oulu, which examined sexual harassment that took place in peer relationships between children and the possibilities of dealing with the issue with children through creative methods.

17.1.2018 News

Remote presence and cooperation via avatars

How does co-operation with others work when face-to-face interaction is moved to the virtual world and physical presence replaced with an avatar playing field that opens up through virtual reality headsets? The University of Oulu is interested in exploring virtual reality in technology and in human sciences.

29.11.2017 News

The University of Oulu obtained a membership in the European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities

The University of Oulu obtained a membership in the European Alliance for Social Science and Humanities (EASSH).

6.11.2017 News

Eleven Research Projects Appointed to EUDAIMONIA Institute for a period of 2018 – 2021

Eudaimonia Institute published a call for new research projects for four years’ term starting from the beginning of January 2018.

1.2.2017 News

Open philosophy research seminar - Spring 2017

Thursday 16.2. 12-2pm (HU110)

23.9.2016 News

Avoin filosofian tutkijaseminaari - syksy 2016

Torstaina 29.9. klo 13-15 (Leaf-tila, 2. kerros, humanistinen tdk.)

21.5.2015 News

Preliminary information on the 2015-2016 doctoral training courses in the Faculty of Education

  Preliminary information on the doctoral training courses organized in the Faculty of Education. Details in the attached document (in Finnish).  

14.4.2015 News

Open call for doctoral student positions (2016 – 2019)

  Open Call (13.4.-21.8.2015) for doctoral student positions at the University of Oulu, including 9 four-year positions in the Human Sciences Doctoral Programme.

14.8.2014 News

Lecture series: World War I – perspectives of different human sciences on its causes and consequences

Eudaimonia is a cross-disciplinary human sciences research center established in 2013.

16.10.2013 News

Doctoral program positions

Human Sciences Doctoral Programme (EUDA-DP) r

12.8.2013 News

Eudaimonia doctoral program positions - Call open until 16th of September

Call for applicants for ten (10) four-year doctoral student positions and five (5) two-year positions in the fields of humanities, education, business, and human geo

26.6.2013 News

Doctoral student applications

The next call for applications will be open 12th August, 2013.