LeaF is a unique research infrastructure in Finland that provides facilities and support for multidisciplinary research in learning and interaction. LeaF hosts state-of-the-art technological solutions and equipment that are used to answer questions that are crucial for understanding and describing learning processes and social interaction in the quickly changing digitalised world. LeaF also takes an active role in developing new digital solutions and environments for learning and interaction.

LeaF is continuously exploring new possibilites to develop and enhance the infrastructure and open to new ideas and new forms of collaboration.

LeaF is part of Eudaimonia Institute, which is one of the research institutes hosted by University of Oulu. LeaF has an active role in supporting the University of Oulu's recognised research strategy Understanding humans in change.

LeaF is a member of University of Oulu's multidisciplinary infrastructure platform.



Last updated: 24.2.2017