Documents included in the statement request

When drawing up the statement request, attention should be paid on expressing the content in a clear, understandable way. Those making the evaluation may not necessarily represent the applicant's field of science. The statement request is drawn up as one PDF file and includes the following documents (numbered):

1. Accompanying letter which presents these details:

- contact information of the person responsible for the research, and other members of the research team, who process the research material

- justification for statement request

- possible grounds for secrecy (see Act on the publicity of official activity 621/1999 24 subsection 1 clause 21)

- table of contents of the statement request

2. Research plan (max. three pages) and its summaries in Finnish and English (max. 200 words). The structure of the plan abides by the Academy of Finland (Suomen Akatemia) guidelines and the plan shall state (if applicable) that it is part of a more extensive research project or involves other sub-studies. 

3. Evaluation by the person (responsible for the research) on the ethical standards of the study.

4. Communication to the subjects. No academic terminology is to be used here. The text must be understandable to laymen and it shall describe in a concrete fashion what the subjects will be subjected to. When research communication is submitted to children, the level of communication must match their age. The communication is targeted to the subject and shall not be presented in the passive form. If the study does not abide by the principle of information-based consent, the justification for the decision shall be provided in the evaluation on the ethical standards of the study. In regard to minors or the differently abled, the communication is targeted to the guardian or the legal representative of the subject.

5. Consent document to be signed by the subjects or their legal representatives if identification data is created in the study. If they are capable of understanding the contents, they themselves sign the consent document.

6. Material presented to the subjects in relation to the study (evaluation forms, tests, interview frame, diaries, survey forms, etc.) If the research sample requires method development as the research progresses, the methods must be described as carefully as possible.

7. Material management and data security plan (material processing, storage, use and archival plan).

8. In case you are handling personal data in your research, include a privacy notice in the application. The privacy notice template can be found in Patio [ More information about data protection regulation in scientific research can be found in Patio on the above-mentioned web page.

More information on the website of data protection ombudsman:

In addition to the privacy notice you should include a risk assessment template (template available currently only in Finnish) as an attachment document to your statement request. Ask for the template from your data protection officer at your faculty. After filling in the risk assessment template, send it also to the data protection officer. The contact information of data protection officers at the faculties can be found on the same page as general information about data protection in research:

Last updated: 23.2.2021