Argumenta Seminar on Evolution

Monday, November 28, 2016

Argumenta Seminar on Evolution
On Monday, Nov 28 at Hotel Lasaretti, Oulu


Welcome to join this multidisciplinary seminar on Evolution!

Evolutionary biology is currently contributing to advances in various fields of science. What is the modern understanding about the evolutionary principle and its significance among sciences? How is the evolutionary theory applied in biology and other fields, such as human mind, social behaviour, language, environment and culture and what are the current research topics? The talks given by the invited expert lecturers cover various perspectives on evolution:


Tim Lewens: Neo-Paleyan Evolution

Petteri Pietikäinen: Evolution, Morality and Society: Edward Westermarck and his circle of evolutionists in Finland

Sonja Koski: The Evolution of Human Kindness

Petri Ylikoski: Evolution and the Architecture of the Mind

Terhi Honkola: Many Faces of Language Evolution

Mikael Fortelius: Up Against It: environmental limits and the evolution of functional traits

Jukka Jernvall: Mixing Species and Genes

Virpi Lummaa: Natural Selection in Contemporary Human Populations


The seminar is free and open for everybody. The programme includes morning and afternoon coffee for all registered participants.


Date: Monday, Nov 28, 2016

Time: 9.00-15.45 (+ suomenkieliset yleisöluennot klo. 16.00-18.00)
Place: Hotel Lasaretti, Aurora Hall, Kasarmintie 13b, 90130 Oulu
Organizer: Genes and Society -Argumenta Project, Biocenter Oulu, University of Oulu, Finland

Programme and further information:
Link for registration:

Deadline for registration: Nov 21

Contact information: Coordinator Meri Rova (


After the seminar there are public lectures about evolution, in Finnish, at 16.00-18.00. These lectures are general and suitable for everybody, also for school students. Registration is not needed if you attend ONLY these public lectures.


Yleisöluentoja evoluutiosta klo 16.00-18.00


Anto Leikola: Miten Darwin rantautui Suomeen
Johanna Mappes: Miksi ja miten evoluutio ymmärretään väärin
Jukka Jernvall: Saimaannorppa genomitutkimuksen keskiöön

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