Eleven Research Projects Appointed to EUDAIMONIA Institute for a period of 2018 – 2021

Eudaimonia Institute published a call for new research projects for four years’ term starting from the beginning of January 2018. The call was closed in January 2017 and 25 researchers submitted their applications in time.

An independent international scientific evaluation panel appointed by the Rector of the University of Oulu evaluated the applications on the basis of criteria similar to those used by the Academy of Finland. These include scientific merit and position in research field, novelty and feasibility of the research plan, training of researchers, and the significance and impact of the planned research.

The evaluation panel analysed the applications and interviewed the applicants during a site visit on October 25 – 27, and gave a written report with general recommendations, ranking of proposals in different categories and feedback to individual project proposals.

On the basis of the recommendations given by the evaluation panel the rector of the University of Oulu approved the following research projects to the Eudaimonia institute for a period of 2018 – 2021:

Four proposals (in alphabetical order) are approved with the status “highly recommended”:

Haddington Pentti, FHum – iTask: Linguistic and Embodied Features of Interactional Multitasking

Holma Katariina, FEdu – Citizenship in Change: Constructing a Novel Theoretical Framework for Education

Mainela Tuija, OBS – Systemic and Human Empowerment in the Revolution of Health Care (SHERLOC)

Paasi Anssi, FSci – Transformation and Transnationalization of state spaces: Geopolitics of borders, mobilities and planning in the Arctic (SPARCTIC)

Seven proposals (in alphabetic order) are approved with the status “recommended”:

Heikkinen Hannu I., FHum – Transformation, social innovation and sustainable arctic communities (TRANSARCT)

Järvelä Sanna, FEdu – Making Complex Learning processes Visible for Enabling Regulation: Change human behavior for learning success (CLEVER change)

Kunnari Sari, FHum – Predictors of late language emergence (LLE) and factors influencing later linguistic outcomes

Kuukkanen Jouni-Matti, FHum – Microhistorical Epistemology: Building the Epistemology of History through Practice

Lokusa Soile, FHum – Understanding the communication and social features of individuals with autism spectrum disorder in the current society

Rauniomaa Mirka, FHum – Interactional organisation of break-taking activities in promoting well-being at the workplace

Rautio Pauliina, FEdu – Multispecies Childhoods in the North – How changing human-animal communities affect children’s lives

The selected projects will be targeted for strategic support in the form of PhD student and post-doctoral positions. The positions will be filled according to the University’s procedures.

Last updated: 6.11.2017