Research methods

EveLINE research group uses nexus analysis as a research framework (Scollon & Scollon 2004) that draws on a variety of research approaches (e.g. ethnography, interaction analysis, qualitative and participatory research) allowing the study of phenomena as they unfold in social (inter)action in situ, but inherently bound in their historical trajectories across multiple timescales. Nexus analysis is especially well suited for researching complex phenomena, the aspects of which are often treated as separate in research designs. As nexus analysis is a fairly recently developed framework, we are interested in methodological development as well.

Past and ongoing projects





In collaboration with Lukuinto program: Further development of a game to inspire children to read more - participatory design with children

In collaboration with Lukuinto program: Developing a game for young ice hockey players to inspire them to read more

Technology ecology at home environment. University of Oulu.


In collaboration with Lukuinto program: Kiekkoja ja kirjoja - Young ice hockey players reading habits. Kirkonkylä school, Kempele municipality.


Technology as a means for learning and social interaction, using of probes to provoke thinking at Myllytulli school, City of Oulu.

2011 Children participating a SW development project as full members, University of Oulu.
2011 Language learning using technology and participatory methods at Ritaharju school, City of Oulu.
2011 Technology-mediated parent-teacher meeting at Ritaharju school, City of Oulu.
2009 - 2010 Inquiring the emergence of the Ritaharju community centre. Data gathering on the experiences of participants of the Ritaharju community centre development project. Children innovating technology at Kuivasjärvi school, City of Oulu.
2009 Long term data management of multidisciplinary research projects. University of Oulu.
2008 - 2009 Inquiring the technology rich everyday life of school children & participatory design of an IT based learning portfolio at Oulujoki school, City of Oulu.
2004 - 2007 Multidisciplinary collaboration in research guidance. Virtual university project.


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