University of Oulu, 2016


EveLINE engages in multidisciplinary collaboration through its participatory research approach with various actors

  • City of Oulu
  • Schools in Oulu area: working with children, teachers and headmasters - projects, workshops, interviews, observing - connecting our studies with schools' everyday work
  • National Lukuinto program - can we somehow inspire teenagers, especially male ice-hockey players, to read more with the help of technology

Inside University of Oulu we combine research and teaching both in Master's and PhD level. Many of our members are also members of other highly-ranked research groups:

  • iUBI - Ubiquitous Interaction - a multidisciplinary research group including INTERACT, MediaTeam and Interactive Spaces
  • INTERACT - inside Department of Information Processing Science
  • COACT - Complexity of (inter)action and multimodal participation

Last updated: 3.10.2017