EveLINE seminar quick style

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

EveLINE will organise a meeting where people interested in technology-rich everyday life give (very) short presentations on what they are interested in.

At least the following presentations are given on Wednesday, 14th May, 2014,  12:15-15 in LeaForum, next to the Humanities cafeteria (after the presentations discussion follows). Languages English/Finnish.

  • Marianne Kinnula & Sari Laari-Salmela - Understanding Technological Change in Schools: The Entwinement of Strategy and Technology?
  • Tonja Molin-Juustila - Technology-rich everyday life; Participatory ICT design (with children)
  • Evgueni Tchubykalo - Wikipedia Community, how they create, process and organize knowledge and information and how it affects society
  • Jenni Virtaluoto - Yhteistyöstä, mentoroinnista ja sen sellaisesta suhteessa omaan tutkimukseen ja sen edistymiseen
  • Mirka Rauniomaa - What next? Exploring nature tourism
  • Minna Hekanaho - Changing mobile interactions (pun intended)
  • Eija Halkola - Information infrastructure and infrastructuring
  • Annamari Martinviita - Nexus analysis and change: Methodological considerations
  • Marjukka Käsmä - Gender Inequality and World of Warcraft - A nexus analysis view
  • Leena Kuure - Something on change
  •  etc.

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Last updated: 14.5.2014