What life is there after defending your PhD thesis? Entrepreneurship as a career possibility? A doctor working in a company? Combining business and scientific career?

In this event we will try to answer these questions. The speakers include representatives of several companies who apply scientific knowledge in their business. The researchers who have studied entrepreneurship will also tell about their findings. Finally, Business Kitchen will present their services for cooking new business activities.

After the talks there will be a networking session for discussions and creating contacts.

The primary target audience is doctoral students, but the event is open for everyone interested.

Time: Thursday 10 December 2015: 12-16 (talks), 16- (networking)
Location: University of Oulu, Lecture room PR 104


Janne Haverinen (IndoorAtlas)
Esko Herrala (Specim)
Minna Komu (Admescope)
Vesa Puhakka (Oulu Business School, University of Oulu)
Juha Tuunainen (Oulu Business School, University of Oulu)
Johanna Bluemink (Business Kitchen)


12.15              Welcome (Johann Bluemink, Business Kitchen)


12.25-12.50   Vesa Puhakka (Oulu Business School)

12.55-13.25   Janne Haverinen (Indoor Atlas)


13.30-13.55   Esko Herrala (Specim)

14.00-14.30   Coffee break

14.30-14.55   Minna Komu (Admescope)

15.00-15.25   Juha Tuunainen (Oulu Business School)

15.30-15.55   Johanna Bluemink (Business Kitchen)

16.00-              Networking


Organizers: University of Oulu Graduate School, Business Kitchen, Doctoral Programmes: BCO-DP, MRC Oulu-DP, EUDA-DP, OBS-DP, Infotech-DP, Aurora-DP, Exactus-DP, ADMA-DP, Archi-DP

Registration (DEADLINE 4.12. 16:00):

Last updated: 8.12.2015