International Fab Academy in Oulu - Admissions open until 30 November

Fab Lab Oulu offers a world-class educational experience for DIY-people. There are twelve study places availble to the Fab Academy  2017. Fab Academy Diploma students will be educated in fast preparation of complete functional devices from start to finish. In addition to technical skills, the students will have access to the global maker-network. The deadline for applications is 30 November.

Learn how to make (almost) anything!

Fab Academy is targeted for people of all ages and from different backgrounds who have interest in manufacturing, as well as sharing their own ideas to anyone interested. The unique training aims at strengthening and diversifying the most modern digital manufacturing technologies.

"It is ideally suited even for companies with a need to develop a wide range of prototyping skills. It is useful to anyone who wants to broaden and update their skills and improve career opportunities, " describes the Manager of Fab Lab Oulu Jani Ylioja.

The training consists of about twenty workshops going through the most common processes used in digital manufacture: electronics design and manufacture of embedded programming and user interface programming, project management, molding and casting, 3D scanning and printing, mechanical engineering, sensors, actuators, composites, CNC milling and licensing and patents. The workshops are designed so that they do not require previous experience or basic skills.

The global Fab Lab Campus


Training will be conducted peer-to-peer, project-based in the international Fab Lab community. The mentors are top experts from all over the world.

"Some of the lectures will be sent via video directly from the birth place of Fab Labs, MIT (Massachusets Institute of Technology, USA). All in all, the lecturers are the best experts in their fields. "

Trainings and weekly tasks will be mentored by Fab Lab Oulu multi-skilled staff. Training venue is the new digital manufacturing workshop of the campus of the University of Oulu. The course fee € 5 000 includes the Fab Academy Diploma twenty-certificate program as part-time study  carried out during the 2017 January-June.

Digital gets physical

Fab Lab activity began as its founder Neil Gerschenfeld started giving his course "How to make (almost) anything"  at MIT. Currently there are about one thousand Fab Labs around the world. They all operate on the same principles: use the same basic processes guided by trained staff, the facilities are open to anyone without a fee for the use of equipment, and the basis for action is regular communication and information sharing in the Fab Lab Network.

Thanks to uniform processes, a device designed and documented for example in Oulu can be manufactured anywhere in the world with local materials. Digital data gets physical, complete devices made from the beginning of the end of the fast, versatile and communally.

"Only bits are moving - the carbon footprint is reduced when the materials are not transported from place to place," Jani Ylioja emphasizes.

Multi-purpose innovation environment

During its first year of operation, Fab Lab Oulu has been providing university staff, students, high-school and primary school teachers, companies, organizations and individuals innovative environment for example for workshop instruction, job training, practical training and the students' hobby projects.

Application instructions and description of the courses

Last updated: 1.11.2017